Welcome Little Eco Shop

We are so excited and proud to be stocked in Little Eco Shop, a gorgeous online store based in Brisbane, Queensland.
As our new collection of silicone straws have just landed in store, we thought we would take the opportunity to have a chat with Little Eco Shop’s founder, Hazel! 

Tell us a little about Little Eco Shop. What inspired you to open your store? 
"Little Eco Shop provides Australian families with a huge range of eco-friendly, sustainable, reusable and plastic-free alternatives to help people reduce their reliance on single-use plastic and reduce their waste.

My mum is naturally a very eco-conscious person so throughout my childhood, I was always taught not to be wasteful. My upbringing provided me with the fundamental values and passion that I now have for the environment and our planet. I studied Geology and Geography at University and then went on to be an Environmental Scientist. I then had 2 kiddies (Annika who’s 3 and Luca who’s 1) so when my husband got a job that involved a bit of travel I decided I wanted to change career to something that had more flexibility to work from home - and that’s when Little Eco Shop was born!”
How did you decide on the name?

"It was difficult to decide…there were a few suggestions before this but they were already taken. I wanted something that made people feel like they were shopping at a local store rather than a huge conglomerate."

If you had to sum up the essence of your store in three words, what would they be?

"Personal. Sustainable. Resourceful."

What products can we expect to find in store, and what are your best sellers?

"We have hundreds of products which fall under the categories of eco-living, eco-bubs, eco-women and eco-kits (these all make great gifts too!). But I’d say our top 3 best sellers are the Agreena silicone sheets (a reusable alternative to cling wrap, baking paper and alfoil), our solitary native bee homes and our modern cloth nappies."
What do you like best about the Wilfred Eco products that you stock?

"I love that the silicone straws provide a safer alternative to kids than the metal straws. The colours are also to die for! I can’t wait to start stocking their bottles in the future too."

What is the best part of owning your store?

"I love having the sense of ownership (something I created myself) and I love the feeling that I get when people place an order and I know it means one less bit of plastic or rubbish will be making its way into our environment."

We have a lot of readers who are conscious about living a more sustainable, low-tox, and organic lifestyle. Any handy tips to help them along this journey?
"Use what you currently have until it’s no longer usable and then when you’re ready to replace it, find a more sustainable option."

Do you have any additional information you would like our readers to know?

"We know the upfront cost of some eco products can be a little daunting (even though they usually save you money in the long run) so that’s why we offer discounted eco-bundles every day of the year. We’ll be including Wilfred Eco’s silicone straws in our eco-bundles too."
Make sure you check out Little Eco Shop for all of your everyday eco essentials!! 
Little Eco Shop


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