Why we LOVE glass water bottles, and why plastic water bottles are lame!

Glass water bottles are the gold standard of drinkware. They may take a little more love and care than your average plastic or stainless steel bottle, but the benefits are worth it!

Glass Water Bottle - Pink with Bamboo lid

So below we have listed why we love our glass bottles as well as some interesting little facts:

1. Glass water bottles are known for their fabulous tasting water. There are no nasty aftertastes that are commonly associated with plastic (literally plastic cordial flavour yuck!) or stainless steel. So the drinking experience is always enjoyable. We have found that our water intake has doubled since introducing reusable glass water bottles. 

2. Have you ever left a water bottle in the hot car and decided not to drink the water, because you know nasty chemicals have leached into the liquid? Well, with a glass water bottle there is no risk of that! You can leave your bottle in the car and know that your water will be as clean as it was when you filled it. Delicious!

3. It is predicted that by the year 2050, there will be more plastic in the ocean (by weight) than there will be fish. It is quite a scary thought when you think about it! Lots of this plastic may also be single use or just simply unnecessary, which makes it avoidable. By drinking from a reusable drink bottle, one person can potentially save hundreds of plastic bottles from going to landfill and into our oceans. Imagine the bottles saved if your whole family, business, community or school switched to reusable bottles! By the way, did you know we offer cobranding?

4. It's no secret that plastic bottles are riddled with chemicals such as pthalates and other endocrine disrupting chemicals. #avoidliketheplague. These chemicals have been found in the human body and even have been known to pass through breast milk. 

5. Our oceans are riddled with microplastics, with recent studies in the US suggesting that there could be 4 billion particles of microplastics in Tampa Bay. These microplastics are becoming fast food for small fish, which in turn could potentially wreak havoc on the food chain. Humans are not exempt from microplastics either. Studies have shown many sources of tap water and food may be contaminated, even soft drinks (thats right some of your favourite brands)! A recent stool sample study of people from Europe, Japan and Russia found microplastics in every single sample. Scary stuff! 

6. Did you know that to make a plastic bottle it takes approximately 3 times the amount of water than it actually holds? That’s a lot of water when you consider the BILLIONS of bottles that are manufactured and then disposed of yearly. 

That one little plastic bottle also requires 1/4 of its volume of oil for production. In the USA alone, that’s around 17 million barrels! 💦 So for a single use item that lasts on average for 1/4 of your daily water intake.. that’s a lot of resources!! 

7. It’s funny that one of the first things that people say to me regarding the purchase of a reusable bottle is, “but they are so expensive?” 🤷🏻‍♀️ Sure, a reusable water bottle could cost as much as your Sunday morning smashed avo and coffee for two.. or a main meal at a nice restaurant... However, have you considered the cost of your plastic water bottles? If you purchased just one plastic water bottle per week, thats on average $200 per year. So whilst a reusable water bottle may seem pricey, it will actually save you money in the long run.. and lasts longer than a few smashed avo’s on toast! 😂

8. Our glass bottles come in two fabulous sizes, 1L and 650ml, so theres a perfect size for all occasions.  

So finally, owning a reusable water bottle may seem difficult, but it soon becomes a way of life. If you're a little hesitant about switching to glass, don't forget that we offer a special breakage discount! Unfortunately accidents do happen and we don’t want one little mishap to prevent you from ditching single use plastic and avoiding those nasty plastic chemicals!! That’s why if you break your first bottle within the first three months, we will give you 50% off your replacement bottle*. Just send us a message or email with a photo and we will send you the code. Simple! We are only a small mum run Aussie business, however we really want you to love and use our product as much as we do! ❤️💋


Glass Water Bottle - Wilfred Eco







 replacement discount subject to terms and conditions. 





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