Straws - Wilfred Eco
Straws - Wilfred Eco
Straws - Wilfred Eco
Straws - Wilfred Eco
Straws - Wilfred Eco

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(no cleaning brush included with sample stock)

These straws were products that we were just not 100% happy with. However, being an eco conscious company we couldn't just throw them away or have them sitting around not being used. So we decided that we would sell them at a reduced price. 

These straws are for the hard-core smoothie lover. They are approximately 25.5cm long with an approximate 0.9cm opening (1.1cm outer). They do seem quite long however if you drink from large cups & tumblers they work well. The texture is different from our bent collection, as they are more rigid, shiny silicone.  The straws are quite firm so are also suitable for thick drinks. The quality of this product is varying as such some straws may have inconsistent edges. They appear a little gimmickey however if you want to drink thick smoothies from a large cup they do the job. They also fit in our 1L if you like to use a straw. 

Note: No cleaning brush included with sample products. 

Five Packs
Party Five
1 x Green, 1 x Blue, 1 x Grey, 1 x Pink, 1 x Purple


2 Packs
Rose Pair

1 x Pink, 1 x Purple
Forest Pair
1 x Green, 1 x Blue
Grey Pair
2 x Grey

Purple, Pink, Green, Blue and Grey available. 


  • No cleaning brush included with sample products
  • Straight smoothie style
  • Approximately 25.5cm long & .9cm inner 
  • Plastic free straws
  • BPA Free
  • Two toned colour for added sophistication
  • Wont chip your teeth
  • Great for children (with adult supervision of course!)
  • Safe for warm and cold liquids
  • Can be resized with a sharp knife or scissors 
  • Easy to clean with hot soapy water and the complimentary cleaning brush
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Firm feel


Please see our FAQ for packaging information.


  • These straws are our sample stock. They are much larger than our bent straws. 
  • These straws have been reduced in price.
  • Some straws may have slightly rough edges. 
  • Your straws may vary slightly to the products pictured.

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