The Floral Pair - Reusable Silicone Straws - Wilfred Eco
The Floral Pair - Reusable Silicone Straws - Wilfred Eco

The Floral Pair - Reusable Silicone Straws

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If whimsical pinks and purples are your go to, then this Floral Pair of reusable silicone straws is for you.

Our two packs are the perfect bundle for a single user or a great addition to our 5 packs for the larger families.

1 x purple bent silicone straw
1 x pink bent silicone straw
1 x cleaning brush

Wilfred Eco's reusable bent silicone straws are perfect for all of your drinking needs. 

  • Plastic free straws
  • BPA Free
  • Two toned colour for added sophistication
  • Wont chip your teeth
  • Great for toddlers (with adult supervision of course!)
  • Safe for warm and cold liquids
  • Can be resized with a sharp knife or scissors 
  • Easy to clean with warm soapy water and the complimentary cleaning brush
  • Great for all drinks 
  • Registered Design!

Did you know that the average Australian sends 200kg of packaging waste to landfill every year? Here at Wilfred Eco we are passionate about looking after our planet.

Reducing excessive packaging is one way we can work towards this vision. For this reason, our straws are shipped to you just as you see them, “raw”. You will receive your straws wrapped simply in our eco-friendly 100% recycled tissue paper and mailed in compostable postage bags.

We do however understand that some people are partial to fancy packaging (us included) and as a result the team at Wilfred Eco are working on creating eco-friendly storage bags for our straws. These bags will be available for purchase in 2019.

Please note:

  • Our straws are made predominantly by hand and as a result your straws may vary slightly to the products pictured.
  • The two-toned colours are a complex process and as such the colour placement may vary. 
  • We are aware that our cleaning brush still has a plastic element to it however we are currently working on a solution which should be available in 2019.


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