Our Story

Hello and welcome to Wilfred Eco.

We are two friends, mothers of busy toddlers and the lady startups behind Wilfred Eco! We are just trying to make a small difference in a big world. 

We create beautiful, non-toxic, reusable and eco-friendly products for people who are health & wellness focused, and invested in sustainable living. In essence, our mission is to provide life ware for the life minded. 

Having children has taught us to pay more attention to what goes into our bodies, and the bodies of our little ones. We were shocked when we realised what was in the plastic bottles and other household items that we were using on a daily basis. It was also astounding when we realised the significant negative impact that these plastic products have on the environment.

Here are a couple of facts that shocked us:

    • Every piece of plastic that was ever made still exists today and it takes around 450 years for a plastic bottle to biodegrade.*

    • Each year it is estimated that 13 billion plastic bottles are disposed of, with an astounding (estimated) 500 million plastic straws being used each day.*

    • It is predicted by the year 2050 there will be more plastic in the ocean (by weight) than fish*...how scary!

After this awakening, we made an effort to limit our environmental footprint and teach our children to embrace reusable alternatives. We also began to make changes to stop exposing ourselves and our children to the harmful chemicals and hormone disrupting toxins that are present in so many of the plastic products that we use day to day. 


It was then that Wilfred Eco was born. 

We are determined to provide baby and adult products or 'life ware' as we like to call it, that are as low-tox as possible, with the added bonus of looking fabulous, being reusable and eco-friendly. It is the small changes that can make such a big difference to your health, well being and our planet.  


(Sources: The Last Straw & The Australian Museum)

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