Why switch to Silicone Straws?

Did you know that every piece of plastic made, still exists today? Crazy right!!


There is a change in the air, a movement amongst the masses. People are looking for a more sustainable way of life and here at Wilfred Eco, our reusable silicone straws and borosilicate glass water bottles are a start!

In Australia, governments are looking for ways to reduce single use plastics. Plastic bags were the first to go with the single use plastic ban, and soon to follow will be the plastic straw. With that in mind, it’s time for people, business and countries to adopt more reusable options such as the Wilfred Eco silicone drinking straws.it's only one straw said 8 billion people quote

The plastic straw may only be a small piece of single use plastic; however, it has some serious effects on the environment.  Our oceans and their inhabitants are some of the worst affected by the plastic straw, as a single plastic straw can potentially kill a marine animal, or severely wound it. Plastic is so widespread that it has been found in 90% of sea bird and sea turtle species (1). 

So, we know the environmental benefits of ditching plastic straws, but what are the benefits of Wilfred Eco silicone straws?

1. Safer alternative to metal

Many people are moving towards reusable options such as glass and stainlessColourful silicone drinking straws in hands steel. Whilst these are great options for some people, they do come with the risk of chipped teeth and even lacerations. Furthermore, if you like to chew or bite down on your straw, metal and glass are not the products for you. There are also risks for people with disabilities such as the mobility challenged. Did you hear the recent and devastating report of a fatality occurring at the hands of a stainless-steel straw? This is why we believe silicone drinking straws are a safer option for all.

2. Safe for children and straw biters

Wilfred Eco’s silicone drinking straws are popular with children of all ages. They are soft and bendy straws that are easy to hold and safe for kids and babies to put in their mouths. Many kids like to chew their straw which is a possibility as they are softer than metal and glass alternatives. As our straws are plastic free, we also love that our kids are not being exposed to toxic chemicals.  Our fun silicone straws also come in 5 stimulating colours which are great for stimulating young minds and encouraging sensory play.  Do you struggle to get your little ones to eat their greens? Our tip: Make a green smoothie, add a Wilfred Eco bendy silicone straw and you will be surprised how much they will drink!

We personally don’t like to give our young children adult knives and forks, or sharp pencils. So, when it comes to straws, we steer clear of the hard metal, glass and even bamboo.  Did you know in 2016 Starbucks recalled its stainless-steel straws after reports of children suffering mouth laceration(2)?

So, when it comes to our kids, reusable silicone straws are our go to. It is also reassuring knowing that if a sneaky toddler runs off with their drink, there are no risks of serious lacerations should they fall and land on their straw.

3. No tooth sensitivities

Some people report that metal straws cause sensitivities to their teeth. They can also get quite hot if you’re using it for a hot drink. Our silicone drinking straws are great for anyone with sensitive teeth, including the straw chewers!

4. Safe for people with disabilities and sensory issues 

 Wilfred Eco’s silicone straws are safe for people with disabilities and the elderly who are looking for a softer alternative. They are soft in the mouth and don’t have the dangers associated with glass and stainless-steel straws. Silicone can be placed in the dishwasher or boiled (caution must be taken), making them a simple product to clean. It is very important to note however that plastic straws are and will always be required by members of the disabled and elderly community. It is important for members of these communities to be able to have access to disposable plastic when they are unable to safely clean their straws and require specific positioning of their straw.   

5. Simple to clean

The beauty of silicone drinking straws is that they are so easy to clean! Just throw them in the dishwasher or hand wash with warm soapy water and the cleaning brush.

Pack of reusable silicone straws - Wilfred Eco  

So, are you ready to ditch single use plastic, and opt for a plastic free, reusable straw? We think silicone straws are the best option! That’s why we have created beautiful reusable silicone drinking straws that are perfect for all of your smoothie needs!

Silicone Straws Green and Blue




    1. A small straws big environmental impact. https://www.worldwildlife.org/magazine/issues/summer-2018/articles/a-small-straw-s-big-environmental-impact
    2. Starbucks recalls 2.5 million Metal Straws after reports of mouth lacerations. https://www.nbcnews.com/business/consumer/starbucks-recalls-2-5-million-metal-straws-after-reports-mouth-n622161

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